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POZ Decade: Sum 41 - Chuck



Sum 41’s Chuck was released ten years ago last week, and PropertyOfZack is launching our next Decade feature in honor of the album today! We have commentary on the album from POZ team members Becky Kovach and Zack Zarrillo, so enjoy and reblog to let us know your thoughts on Chuck ten years later!

How the album holds up in 2014
Looking back on Chuck, it’s important to realize that this album was a new direction for Sum 41. Inspired by time the band spent in the Congo in the midst of internal conflict, it cited heavier influences like Metallica and Iron Maiden while the lyrics dealt with darker subjects including war, death and politics. Though it still featured the catchy melodies of Sum 41’s pop punk roots, Chuck was an altogether more serious rock album. 

Ten years later those catchy melodies still stand strong – Sum 41 played this album loud and fast, and it’s really what they do best. Even the lyrical content holds up; though we may not be speaking about the Congo much these days, war is still raging there and elsewhere in the world. From “We’re All To Blame” to “The Bitter End” and beyond, Chuck still provides insight into this fucked up world we’re all living in. – Becky Kovach
Most important song on the album
It’s hard to pinpoint one song as the most important on Chuck, but for me, it’s always been “Pieces.” Because sometimes you need help realizing that it’s okay to be alone and it’s okay to not be perfect. “Pieces” did that for me ten years ago. 

As one of the slower, more alternative-skewed tracks, “Pieces” stands out amongst the album’s quicker and heavier leanings. Its drifting guitars, the quiet calm as Deryck Whibley admits to struggling with who he is (“I tried to be perfect/It just wasn’t worth it/Nothing could ever be so wrong/It’s hard to believe me/It never gets easy/I guess I knew that all along”) were things that stuck with me as a kid listening through Chuck for the first time, and still stand out in my mind today.  – Becky Kovach

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